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What is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

When it comes to types of CBD oils, you will hear a lot of people talking about full & broad-spectrum CBD and about CBD isolate. While there is a clear difference in terms of what full spectrum vs. isolate means, there is a little bit of confusion about the broad-spectrum CBD oil definition.

A CBD isolate is only CBD extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, with concentrations of 96-99% CBD. This compound has the aspect of crystals and contains only pure crystalised CBD. Full-spectrum means the oil purely extracted from the plant, usually using clean CB2 extraction processes.

Broad-spectrum is a combination of both –  the extra refining process makes sure there are no traces of THC, while in full-spectrum CBD, there is a chance to find traces of less than 0.02% THC – this is still in the legally accepted concentration in the UK, but some people simply prefer this option.

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Green Brothers Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Uses

Customers buying the Green Brothers Broad Spectrum tinctures use them to improve their wellbeing. It is not allowed in the UK to use CBD oil for medical purposes, but studies in the USA and from other countries where CBD is used for medical purposes say there are many benefits of using it. It can reduce anxiety and also treats pains. However, you must be sure you are buying genuine products. You might find the prices of broad-spectrum CBD oil on Amazon as surprisingly small, but this is only because these products are made of industrial hemp and have almost no traces of CBD.

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Green Brothers Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for sale

Green Brothers are proud to offer the Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture 500mg in four different flavours, Natural Hemp, Pineapple, Orange and Lemon. Our broad spectrum oil is known for its mild taste, eliminating the unpleasant taste of hemp. Even if we recommend the full spectrum CBD, some of our customers are looking for this product for their CBD cure or even for their pets.

Broad Spectrum CBD still gives you the health benefits of the composites in the cannabis plant, but because of the extra CO2 extraction process, it does not contain any trace amount of CBD. Be aware Cannabinoid oils don’t replace any prescription medications and are not designed to diagnose, cure or treat any medical condition.

Decided to try Green Brothers CBD and was pleasantly surprised of the effect. Good prices and I also got some health essentials I desperately need. I will surely continue to work with them in the future.


Used to try many CBD brands before deciding to try CBD Brothers Green Capsules. The price was good and the capsules were very efficient in improving my wellbeing. Fast delivery and reliable CUstomer Support


Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Benefits

When it comes to broad-spectrum vs full spectrum CBD, the only advantage is the zero traces of THC and the mild colour or the product. Some say this type of cannabinoid oil tastes better.

Green Brothers CBD Oils UK products are food supplements. They are not designed to cure, treat or prevent any disease. Please do not use our products as a replacement for any medical treatment recommended by your GP. CBD extracts are considered Novel Foods in the UK and they can be sold as food supplements. This means they are as legal as any vitamin or supplement, as long as the content of THC is less than 0.2%. All our products are fully tested and reviewed by our customers, so you can be sure you are buying from a reputed seller.

Broad spectrum cbd oil

Broad Spectrum CBD Products

From the CBD Broad Spectrum distillate, it is possible to obtain all the usual CBD products. You can find Broad SPectrum CBD gummies and e-liquids, but we don’t recommend them. CBD goes through another technological process before being refined in CBD edibles. It is why the FUll Spectrum CBD products are a lot more efficient for improving your wellbeing

Green Brothers CBD does not offer distillate CBD edibles as other broad-spectrum oil brands do, but all our edibles and cosmetics are made of our well known full-spectrum CBD.