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CBD Beauty & Cosmetics

CBD Beauty products are derived from pure CBD Oil Full Spectrum. They have been preferred by CBD oil users for a while now. As soon as they realised the CBD beauty oil usages, people started to ask for more and more complex products of this kind.

You will find CBD Beauty brands everywhere online, but some of them simply want to deceive you. Hemp cosmetics have been around for a while, but they are totally different from the CBD cosmetics made with pure cannabinoid oil.

Green Brothers CBD promotes CBD creams with different concentrations, designed both for joints and for your skin. Feel the benefits of CBD hemp topically along with other substances contained by cannabinoid creams!

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Green Brothers CBD Beauty Benefits

The most popular product we sell is the CBD Beauty Bundle, which comes with soap, cream of your choice and also the CBD hemp flower or tea. However, you can buy them separately if you are only looking for individual products.

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Best Cannabinoid extracted beauty products

According to USA researches, CBD creams or shea butter have inflammatory properties. CBD soaps are fashion beauty cosmetics that have to be a part of your routine. Better than what you can find at the local body shop on the high street.

Decided to try Green Brothers CBD and was pleasantly surprised of the effect. Good prices and I also got some health essentials I desperately need. I will surely continue to work with them in the future.


Used to try many CBD brands before deciding to try CBD Brothers Green Capsules. The price was good and the capsules were very efficient in improving my wellbeing. Fast delivery and reliable CUstomer Support

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Are CBD Cosmetics Legal?

CBD Beauty products are made of pure CBD oil. There are no chemical substances used in manufacturing these oils, so you can use them just like you use your Vitamin D cream. There are many types of CBD cosmetics, and the offer raises as people are eager to try them more and more.

Please do not use CBD beauty oil for treating medical conditions. If you feel inflammations or pain, consult your GP immediately before taking any home cream or OTC product from the shelves of the local pharmacy.

In the UK, Green Brothers CBD Oils products are food supplements. They are not designed to cure, treat or prevent any disease. Please do not use our products as a replacement for any medical treatment recommended by your GP. CBD extracts are considered Novel Foods in the UK and they can be sold as food supplements. This means they are as legal as any vitamin or supplement, as long as the content of THC is less than 0.2%. All our products are fully tested and reviewed by our customers, so you can be sure you are buying from a reputed seller.