What is CBD – Forms, Usage, Benefits, Side Effects

what is cbd oil used for

You probably heard about CBD oil being recommended for anxiety, pain, insomnia or inflammations, or maybe you know its effects, and you only need it for your wellbeing. In the UK, CBD oils and extracts are only food supplements. In the lack of studies, it is illegal to say cannabinoids can treat any of these diseases. However, this does not mean CBD is useless.

Here are the basics of what is CBD oil, how can you buy it and how can you determine what do you need to take and when.

What CBD Means?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the natural chemical composites produced by the Cannabis Sativa plant, along with other substances of the same family named cannabinoids.

CBD is a component of cannabis, which some say it has a therapeutic effect. In some countries, it is legal to use cannabis Sativa extracts for medical reasons. It is why some use the term ‘medical cannabis’ for cannabinoid products. In the UK, it is theoretically legal to get a prescription for cannabis, but it is practically impossible to get.

Cannabis is the Latin name for hemp. It has been used since antiquity to make paper, clothes and even combustibles. Our ancestors also discovered the psychoactive effects of the plant, with a high content of THC.

As CBD is extracted from the same plant, people tend to associate it with marijuana, THC, or they label it as an illegal substance. Any person who would read about what is CBD will immediately be convinced this is a legal product with no psychoactive effects given by consumption of THC.

What is CBDa?

One of the most common types of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant is CBDa, but there are many others. If you are looking for the full benefits of CBD oil, you should look for a product which is thoroughly tested and which displays all the substances contained by the oil.

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What about CBD Oils?

CBD Oil refers to the extract of Cannabis Sativa specially formulated to contain a high level of CBD, and a low level of THC. Besides those, the product can include many other cannabinoids naturally present in the plant.

CBD products are non-psychoactive, unlike the ones containing THC. This property makes CBD a popular and legal novel food commonly used in the UK for improving wellbeing.

CBD Oil is a general term to describe this type of cannabis Sativa extract. But when you would search about CBD oil online, you will find it in different forms.

Mainly, there are three types of CBD:

Full Spectrum – contains a complete gamma of useful cannabinoids from the Cannabis Sativa plant and THC in the legal limits accepted by the law.

Broad Spectrum – it is the Full Spectrum oil but with a zero content of THC. Other cannabinoids can also be found in fewer concentrations. It is why Full Spectrum CBD is typically preferred, but broad-spectrum CBD is useful for people that want to eliminate the risk of THC appearing in a drug test.

CBD Isolate will only contain CBD without other beneficial cannabinoids. This product is preferred by people that want to combine it with CBD oils for obtaining a higher concentration of CBD, but it also can be mixed with flavoured e-Liquids.

Full-spectrum CBD oils are popular amongst CBD Oil users that want to benefit from the so-called ‘entourage effect’, releasing the full therapeutic benefits of CBD for wellbeing.

what is CBD Oil

What are the benefits of CBD?

People are only allowed to use CBD in the UK for their wellbeing, just like they would do with any other food supplement. There are many Facebook groups and forums where people talk about the benefits of cannabinoids. You can read about their observations and how they are using it, and you can try to establish your own CBD wellbeing cure.

What are CBD usages?

 People use CBD in different ways, forms and concentrations, considering their body and way of life. It is believed it can have a series of effects such as a physical and relaxing state and promoting better sleep. However, do not consider these as more than food supplements and don’t use them to replace medical treatments recommended by your therapist.

We cannot say too much about the benefits of cannabinoids in the lack of controlled clinical tests. Still, it has the potential to become a useful instrument even for the pharmaceutical industry.

It is essential to be cautious about the potential interactions with medicines and make sure you are only choosing products manufactured by reputed UK brands.

Cannabinoids interact with the Endocannabinoid System, which was first discovered and researched in the ’80s. Researches show this system is responsible for helping many parts of the body. Although there are no studies made in the UK, other specialists claim cannabinoids have beneficial effects on this endocannabinoid system.

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What are the side effects of CBD?

World Health Organisation stated in 2019 that CBD is a safe substance, without noticeable side effects, and the risk of addiction or abuse. In detail, cannabinoids are natural and safe substances. If you are buying from authorised CBD retailers, the THC content will be low and in legal limits. Cannabis-derived products are not harmful as long as there is less than 0.3 THC in the product.

Any CBD brand must come with lab tests results showing the exact concentration of cannabinoids and other substances. In the case of Full Spectrum CBD, there is a chance for it to appear in a drug screening test. You can avoid this unpleasant problem by consuming broad-spectrum CBD oils with 0% THC content.

It was claimed that CBD could temporarily deactivate the P450, but the grapefruit has the same effect. In short, if the grapefruit interacts with your medication, CBD will do it as well.

How can you choose the right CBD for you?

If you don’t mind CBD oil with THC in legal concentrations, you can safely look for the full spectrum CBD oils, Broad Spectrum CBD has zero THC and will eliminate this risk. Moreover, the CBD oil taste is better with the broad spectrum oil extracts.

Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil – it is extracted from pure cannabis Sativa, with a concentration of CBD from 5 to 60 %.

CBD Oils and balms – used only topical, these will be the perfect replacement of your chemical body lotions and cosmetics. CBD balms are of high quality, and they can be combined with lavender or other plants.

CBD Capsules – Coated with plant extracts, CBD capsules come with a concentrated dosage of CBD. The easy way of taking them and the possibility to know exactly how much CBD you are taking make CBD hemp capsules one of the most used ways to take cannabinoids.

CBD Sweets – As they are delicious, with different concentrations of CBD, they can be easily given to children.

CBD E-liquids – made for the Vaping kit without nicotine, they make them perfect if you want to quit smoking and you want to feel the benefits of CBD at the same time. With different flavours, CBD e-liquids will offer you hours of satisfying vaping with an intense CBD feel.

CBD Tea – CBD Flower

It is illegal to sell CBD flowers, as the hemp grower must throw the buds after harvesting. However, CBD Flower refers to CBD teas which are legal, and they still contain CBD. You can choose the right flavour for you and also complete combinations for the entire day.

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